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We hope you enjoy the music of Jim Knapp. Over the past 50 years he has taught many students, led outstanding ensembles, and given us great music.

Now we have a chance to give back to Jim.

Jim lost his right foot to diabetes in September, 2011. He is recovering well. After insurance, he was left with out-of-pocket bills totaling $30,000.

We are asking for you to donate to a fund that will reimburse Jim for these unexpected expenses.

Our plan is to raise a third of the needed funds through benefit concerts, a third through sales of a CD with music donated by Jim's colleagues and former students, and a third through direct donations from individuals, like you. If we can get 200 donors to give $50 each, we will be a third of the way toward reaching our goal.

Please donate generously and tell your friends.

Checks can be made out to the Knapp Health Fund and mailed to Jim at:
Jim Knapp
827 NE 130th Street
Seattle, WA 98125